Elevenses Llamas and Miniature Donkeys


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Web site updated November 14, 2023

Hi! My name is Marty. My husband’s name is Ken. We share the same last name: St. Clair. We live in rural Person County in central North Carolina. Our 30 acres of rolling hills are covered with native hardwoods and are the safe haven of native wildlife. Lovers of Mother Nature, we are completely organic, never harming our beautiful NC home with insecticides, chemical fertilizers, or herbicides.


We share Elevenses with 39 llamas, 21 miniature donkeys, one Shetland Sheep, four goats, and an assortment of ducks, cats, and dogs. Eighteen years ago we bought our first two miniature donkeys, Jason and Josie (I think getting miniature donkeys was my idea; Ken insists it was his. Oh well!). Three years later we decided it was time for a third miniature donkey and went to Virginia to a farm to buy one. Guess what? This farm also had llamas! One look and it was all over for us! That trip resulted in the acquisition of our third miniature donkey (Jeremy) and two llamas (Patrick and Kallahan).



Miniature Donkeys, on the other hand, should have zippers on their tummies! They are the ultimate stuffed toy! They are the perfect animal for children and adults who just need a good hug now and then! We have a variety of colors in both jennets (female donkeys) and our three breeding jacks (male donkeys) and have been blessed by nearly 70 colorful foals who have spread love and joy to their new families.

Thank you for visiting our Web site. Check out our pages, enjoy the pictures, email or call us with comments, questions, and suggestions. And come back often, as we expect it will be changing frequently over the next several months!

Marty and Ken


Come share our joy!

For someone who has been around animals my whole life, I am convinced that llamas are different. Rather than being a dog who lives to please his owner, llamas are more like equal companions who are anxious to share your life. After just a couple of weeks with our first two llamas, we knew we wanted to become breeders and started searching for a couple of females. We have had over 150 cria (baby llamas) born on Elevenses, including a seven-week premature female (Elevenses Extraordinary Event) and twins (Elevenses Isis and Elevenses Serqet).